MIMH Timeline

MIMH names Dr. Rob Paul Director

Rob Paul, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, has been named the new director of the Missouri Institute of Mental Health.


MIMH gets a new home

MIMH relocated from the “Dome Building” on Arsenal Street in south St. Louis to UMSL's Innovative Technology Enterprises located at 4633 World Parkway Circle in St. Louis County.


MIMH changes academic affiliation to UMSL

MIMH changed academic affiliations to the University of Missouri St. Louis as part of the Office of Research Administration under the leadership of Dr. Nasser Arshadi, the Vice Provost for Research.


Dr. Joseph Parks becomes Director

Dr. Parks also serves as the Chief Clinical Officer of the Missouri Department of Mental Health.


Dr. Danny Wedding becomes Director

Wedding establishes new focuses for the institute, including policy analysis, program evaluation, service to the Department of Mental Health, and public education about mental health and addictive disorders.


Institute partners with the World Health Organization

The Mental Health Services Research Unit (later called the Behavioral Health Division) becomes an official support element of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Training and Research in Mental Health Program Management.


Dr. James Hedlund becomes Director


Residency training program ends

Residency Training program formally ended having graduated over 180 psychiatrists and quadrupling the number of fully-trained psychiatrists working within the Department of Mental Health.


Dr. Warren Thompson becomes Director

Dr. Warren Thompson, Director


Dr. Ivan Sletten becomes Director


Institute joins University of Missouri - Columbia


Dr. George Ulett becomes Director

George Ulett was instrumental in
establishing MIP and served as director from 1963 -1973.


The Missouri Institute of Psychiatry (MIP) was founded

Dr. George Ulett, the acting director of the Division of Mental Diseases (DMD) (later the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and former faculty memberin the Malcolm Bliss Hospital psychiatry training program, responded to the
community’s need for more trained psychiatrists by founding the Missouri
Institute of Psychiatry (MIP). Housed in the Kohler Building of the St. Louis State
Hospital, MIP became the DMD’s primary source for research and training.