Missouri Suicide Prevention Briefs & Presentations

Missouri Suicide Prevention Briefs & Presentations - Document

Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Principal Investigator: Sale, Elizabeth W.

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Missouri Student Survey Reports and Questions, 2010-2014

This report discusses results from the biannual student survey of Missouri youth in 6th-12th grade from 2010-2014 and provides a cross tab analysis of question wording by year.

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Evaluation and Program Development – Program Evaluation

MIMH has provided program evaluation services to agencies in the community, statewide and nationally for the past 40 years. With expertise in both process and outcome evaluation, MIMH has worked hand-in-hand with organizations to improve program services and assess program effectiveness.

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Missouri Needs Assessment and Resource Inventory for Mental Health 2008

MIMH conducted a comprehensive mental health needs assessment as part of the SAMHSA-funded Missouri Mental Health Transformation State Incentive Grant. The assessment examined the needs of agencies and individuals across Missouri and included an inventory of mental health and substance abuse services available statewide.

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