Professional Training – Media Development

Professional Training – Media Development - Service

Principal Investigator: Gregory, Kelly B.

Service Description

Outside agencies frequently solicit us to help develop and produce their enduring material. We can create anything from a simple video interview with a subject matter expert to a branching, interactive app that allow users to actively engage in the learning content and see the natural consequences of choices they make. Video and interactive trainings make it easy for customers to access quality behavioral health training wherever they are.

We are always adapting with changing technology. We use text, audio, video, and interactive testing mechanisms to create products to fit every need.

Products we have created include:

• Apps for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices
• eBooks
• eLearning Modules
• Interactive DVDs
• Websites

Would you like help designing and producing an enduring training for on-the-go staff? Pricing for these projects starts at $595. Contact us for a free consultation.

Or, take a look at our interactive demo of media development services. (

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