Healthy lifestyle: A Missouri Initiative

Healthy lifestyle: A Missouri Initiative - Document

Publication Date: June 18, 2013
Principal Investigator: Hile, Matthew

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Missouri Needs Assessment and Resource Inventory for Mental Health 2008

MIMH conducted a comprehensive mental health needs assessment as part of the SAMHSA-funded Missouri Mental Health Transformation State Incentive Grant. The assessment examined the needs of agencies and individuals across Missouri and included an inventory of mental health and substance abuse services available statewide.

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Children’s Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Needs Assessment for St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund

The Children’s Service Fund of St. Louis County funded a needs assessment in 2012 to explore the perceived mental health needs of parents, students, and provider agencies. The study was conducted by the Applied Research Collaborative including the MIMH.

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Understanding Deaf Culture

One of the greatest misconceptions about Deaf culture is that it is “just a disability.” Deaf culture has its own language, values, behavioral norms and forms of artistic expression. In this presentation, Elijah Buchholz, LPC, will instruct viewers on how to provide culturally sensitive and competent mental health services to members of the Deaf community through understanding of the culture and its specific needs. He will also discuss Sign Language and how it can affect the process of communication in mental health treatment. Viewers will learn the “dos and don’ts” of communicating with deaf clients and how to work effectively with interpreters in mental health settings.

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