Outreach – Girls Holla Back!

Outreach – Girls Holla Back! - Service

Principal Investigator: Bailey-Burch, Brendolyn

Service Description

Girls Holla Back! is an eight week integrated substance abuse and HIV/AIDS intergenerational prevention program developed by the MIMH for African American girls ages 12-17 and their female caregivers. This gender- and culture-specific program seeks to prevent and reduce the onset of substance abuse and the transmission of HIV among African American females in high-risk communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The program utilizes evidence-based practices as a means to increase participants’ awareness and knowledge about substance abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention.  Supplemental cross-generational activities and specially-designed communications components are included to strengthen family bonding and to increase sexual communications among participating family members. Free on- and off-site counseling is offered by a licensed therapist and local health departments provide free STD and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling.

Girls Holla Back

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