Portal DWI

Portal DWI

Principal Investigator: Hile, Matthew
April 1, 2012 - March 30, 2015
Funder: Participant self-pay

PortalDWI supports the Preferred Family Healthcare’s virtual world which provides 12 sessions of individual counseling, group education, and group counseling for individuals who have been offered these services as part of their DWI Court process.

Our web site supports the virtual world experience by providing:

  • Admission assessments
  • Personalized feedback report for the individual user that
    • compares their use to state and national norms,
    • describes the risks associated with their level of use, and
    • provides individually tailored behavioral recommendations on risk reduction.
  • Discharge assessment to measure immediate program impact
  • Follow-up assessment to measure program impact 6 months after discharge

The information collected in this system helps both the individuals and counseling process but also provides valuable feedback to the courts about its impact.

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