Winograd, Rachel

Assistant Professor, Research
Assistant Professor, Research

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Winograd, Rachel

  • Specialties
  • Integrated health service
  • Mental health
  • Opioid Use
  • Substance Use

Active: Active
Degree: Ph.D, Clinical Psychology
Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Research
Institute Title: Assistant Professor, Research
Office Phone: 314-516-8415
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405


Dr. Rachel Winograd's research pursuits and intellectual interests have focused on aspects of alcohol and drug use, consequences, and treatment. Prior to her appointment with MIMH, Dr. Winograd developed a program of research at the University of Missouri-Columbia investigating the existence and characterization of "drunk personality" through the framework of the Five-Factor Model of personality, utilizing self- and informant-report studies as well as group alcohol administration experimental designs. While completing her predoctoral clinical internship with the VA St. Louis Health Care System, Dr. Winograd's empirical and program development interests shifted to opioid use and overdose prevention. Specifically, she is interested in expanding and studying public-health minded overdose education and naloxone distribution programming at the system and community levels for individuals at-risk of experiencing or witnessing an opioid overdose. Though the nature of her work has adjusted during her early career, her interests overlap in their focus on the power and consequences of excessive consumption of altering and habit-forming substances. Looking ahead at MIMH, Dr. Winograd anticipates developing, implementing, evaluating, and significantly refining scientifically rigorous programs for mental health and substance abuse prevention and intervention services on a national and global scale.


Substance Use
Mental Health Integration
Medication Assisted Treatment
Public Health
Harm Reduction


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