Winograd, Rachel

Associate Professor, Research
Associate Professor, Research

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Winograd, Rachel

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  • Opioid Use
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Active: Active
Degree: Ph.D, Clinical Psychology
Academic Title: Associate Professor, Research
Institute Title: Associate Professor, Research
Office Phone: 314-516-8415
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405


Dr. Rachel Winograd's research pursuits and intellectual interests have focused on aspects of alcohol and drug misuse, consequences, treatment, and risk mitigation. Throughout the course of her graduate career at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she developed a program of research investigating the existence and characterization of “drunk personality.” Outside of projects examining acute alcohol intoxication and personality, she concurrently examined young adult alcohol misuse from a developmental and clinical perspective, publishing on topics such as maturing out of alcohol misuse, the role of impulsivity in drinking behaviors, and empirically-supported treatments for young adult problematic drinking. During her predoctoral psychology internship with the VA St Louis Health Care System, Dr. Winograd's focus shifted swiftly to opioid use disorder treatment and overdose prevention. She has since devoted the majority of her energy to her clinical, programmatic, and empirical efforts to expand the implementation of evidence-based opioid treatment and harm reduction approaches, namely the use of buprenorphine and methadone maintenance medications and community-based naloxone distribution programming. Dr. Winograd looks forward to developing, implementing, evaluating, and refining scientifically rigorous programs for substance use prevention, intervention, and harm reduction practices on a national and global scale.


Substance Use
Mental Health Integration
Medication Assisted Treatment
Public Health
Harm Reduction