Depue, Susan M.

Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor

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Depue, Susan M.

  • Specialties
  • Epidemiology
  • Mental health
  • Prevention
  • Substance abuse

Active: Active
Degree: PhD
Academic Title: Research Assistant Professor
Institute Title: Research Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 314-516-8412
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405
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Dr. Susan Depue’s research experience includes working with both state and local organizations to improve the data infrastructure for increasing behavioral health across the state. Dr. Depue has worked to teach local coalitions how to use the data in order to be most effective with the limited resources they have. She has been involved with several large scale evaluations and led the team which analyzed and reported the most current Missouri Student Survey results. Dr. Depue is the current Project Director for the Partnership for Success project. She is also the chair for the Department of Mental Health’s State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup. In these positions she has worked to help Missouri stakeholders implement data driven decision making.


Certification: Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Missouri


PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience (2009)
Department of Psychology, University of Missouri
Dissertation: Psychometrics of the Missouri Student Survey: Examining Validity, Reliability and Consent

MS in Experimental Psychology (2003)
Department of Psychology, University of Missouri

BA in Psychology (2000)
Department of Psychology, University of Missouri

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