Savu, Anna

Project Director

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Savu, Anna

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Degree: MA
Institute Title: Project Director
Office Phone: 314- 516-8484


Anna Savu has over 25 years of experience in social science evaluation, counseling, clinical psychology, and college-level teaching. She is a Project Director and Principal Investigator at the MIMH. She specializes in conducting process and outcome evaluations in the area of mental health, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. Her interests and skills include evaluation design development, measures development and project management. She has evaluated numerous evidence-based treatment and prevention programs and as a project principal investigator, she is responsible for all scientific, financial and ethical aims of the project. Savu has evaluated numerous projects, including a statewide evaluation of a school-based substance abuse prevention program, nation-wide evaluation of a substance abuse and HIV/AIDS treatment programs and evaluation of a transitional counseling program. She works with various organizations, communities and challenging populations. She has served a full term with the STL HIV/AIDS Services Planning Council as a Mental Health Adviser.

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