Adkins, Rita E.

Project Director

Headshot of Adkins, Rita E.

Adkins, Rita E.

  • Specialties
  • Mental health
  • Prevention
  • Substance abuse

Degree: MPA
Institute Title: Project Director
Office Phone: 314-516-8454
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405


Ms. Adkins is a Project Director at MIMH. She has over 19 years of experience in the evaluation of substance abuse prevention programs and mental health consumer services, with extensive skills in national and state multi-site project management, evaluation and training. Her experience includes managing a statewide longitudinal evaluation of an Emergency Room Diversion program, designed to increase access to Community Mental Health Centers, managing the largest national evidence-based consumer-operated-services study conducted to date, and evaluating a statewide substance misuse prevention program that screened for risky use in medical systems. She has also conducted interviewing skills training across the State and presented findings at national and international conferences.

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