McCudden, Suzanne

Program/Project Support Coordinator II

Headshot of McCudden, Suzanne

McCudden, Suzanne

Active: Active
Degree: MA
Institute Title: Program/Project Support Coordinator II
Office Phone: 314-516-8468
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405

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Focuses on qualitative and quantitative evaluations of integrated health services for persons with co-occurring mental illness and chronic disease.

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In his work in the non-profit sector, Aaron Ruiz helped spear-head a number of recovery initiatives in the Saint Louis area with an emphasis on opioid use disorder outreach, methamphetamine recovery support, and outreach efforts for LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals living with substance use disorder. In his role at MIMH, Aaron works as treatment services support staff on administration and logistics for the STR/SOR grants.

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