Leung, Kit Sang

Research Assistant Professor
Research Assistant Professor

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Leung, Kit Sang

Degree: PhD, MPE
Academic Title: Research Assistant Professor
Institute Title: Research Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 314-516-8429
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405


Dr. Leung’s research focus is addictive behaviors. Specifically, he is interested in drug use epidemiology, psychometric approaches to the assessment of addictive behaviors, including development and evaluation of assessments, as well as the underlying mechanisms of addiction, including cognitive processes and their psychophysiological correlates associated with drug use related information; the development/ modification of cognitive experimental paradigms for assessing biased cognitions in substance use. After joining the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Dr. Leung started working on the evaluation of intervention programs for the Missouri Medicaid population. In his current projects, he uses Medicaid claims, health homes registry, and clinical information databased to develop practice specific and aggregate performance and monitoring reports as required by the state plan amendment. He also works with the state departments to develop and execute evaluation and research plans to determine clinical and fiscal performance of Health Homes.