Eldridge, Keith

Computer Programmer Analyst

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Eldridge, Keith

  • Specialties
  • Information systems (Informatics)

Active: Active
Degree: B.S. Computer Science
Institute Title: Computer Programmer Analyst
Office Phone: 314-516-8437
Fax Phone: 314-516-8405


His current duties are VB.NET web site development, data preparation, and SQL database administration to support the MIMH staff. He recently developed the web-site,, to support the Missouri Emergency Room Enhancement project, an initiative to increase access to care for citizens that need treatment for behavioral health disorders by improving the care between hospitals, community mental health centers and substance abuse providers; and the web-site,, to support Joplin, Missouri’s Will’s Place Outreach Project screening and referral trauma project.


Developing computerized assessments and Web sites.

VB.NET, SQL Server and Databases, DNN (DotNetNuke)

HTML, XML, Microsoft Access.

Data driven reporting.

Data preparation for MIMH staff analysis.

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