Connors, Liz

Outreach Coordinator

Headshot of Connors, Liz

Connors, Liz

  • Specialties
  • Care coordination
  • Clinical social work
  • Co-occurring diagnoses
  • Criminal justice
  • Homelessness
  • Mental health
  • Opioid Use
  • Substance Use

Active: Active
Degree: MSW
Institute Title: Outreach Coordinator
Office Phone: (314) 516-8435


Liz Connors is a licensed social worker, certified substance abuse counselor, and clinical program manager with over ten years of experience in clinical settings working in substance use mental health, homelessness, criminal justice involvement, and the opiate epidemic. Her work primarily focuses on addressing and eliminating barriers to accessing care for underserved populations, with recent work focusing on the opioid epidemic and clinical care coordination. Liz also has expertise in advocacy and coordinating community resources and referrals across organizational lines.


Licensed Social Worker (MO)


St. Louis University – Master of Social Work


Substance Use Disorders
Mental Health
Medication Assisted Treatment
Community Care Coordination
Public Health

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