Clark, Lillith

Undergraduate Student

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Clark, Lillith

  • Specialties
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Substance abuse
  • Trauma

Degree: B.S. in Psychology
Academic Title: Undergraduate Student
Institute Title: Intern


After receiving prior Bachelor's degrees in both Opera and English Literature, Lilly returned to her hometown of St. Louis and found employment in the funeral industry. It was through this work that she discovered her true passion for psychology, and through her company was awarded a full scholarship to receive her Master's degree in General Psychology on-line through Capella University. In doing so, Lilly finally realized that the field of psychology is where she belongs. In order to obtain admittance into a reputable PhD program in Psychology, however, she had to start from square one and return to receive a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Through her almost 6 years of work in the funeral industry, Lilly has seen first-hand the devastation that the opioid epidemic has caused to thousands and thousands of family's lives. She is so thankful for the opportunity at MIMH to help not only the patients, but also their families.


B.A. in Vocal Performance – Southern Methodist University – Degree Conferred May 2011

B.A. in English Literature – Southern Methodist University – Degree Conferred May 2011

M.S. in Psychology – Capella University – Degree Conferred October 2017

B.S. in Psychology – University of Missouri-St. Louis – Anticipated Graduation Date: May of 2019


Substance Abuse
Behavioral Neuroscience

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