Challa, Saankari Anusha

Graduate Student

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Challa, Saankari Anusha

  • Specialties
  • PTSD
  • Substance abuse

Degree: M.A.
Academic Title: Graduate Student
Institute Title: Intern
Office Phone: (314) 516-6737


Anusha is a second-year graduate student in UMSL’s Clinical Psychology PhD program. Given her interest in trauma, the high comorbidity rate between PTSD and substance use disorders, and our nation’s opioid crisis, she is very excited to be working on the Missouri Opioid State Targeted Response project to promote greater prevention, treatment, and recovery services for people with opioid use disorders. She is looking forward to learning more about evidence-based practices and furthering our knowledge base on opioid use disorders. She aspires for a career that will balance clinical and research work, with an emphasis in trauma and substance use disorders, and her experience at MIMH is a great step in that direction!


Substance Use

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