Missouri Insititue of Mental Health
4633 World Parkway Circle
St. Louis, MO 63134-3115
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Staff Directory

Name Email Phone Title
Name Email Phone Title
Kaur, Ravneet rk6cf@umsystem.edu (314) 516-8400 Lead Epidemiologist
O’Neil, Valnita oneilv@umsl.edu (314) 516-8400
Higdon, Sterling sterling.higdon@mimh.edu (314) 516-8406 Project Manager
Blanchard, Brittany brittany.blanchard@mimh.edu (314) 516-8425 Evaluation Coordinator
Hoffman, Miles miles.hoffman@mimh.edu (314) 516-8406 Overdose Prevention Coordinator
Kon, Lindsey Lindsey.Kon@mimh.edu (314) 516-8440 Research Coordinator
Smith, Ryan Ryan.Smith@mimh.edu Research Specialist II
Kondai, Rithvik Rithvik.Kondai@mimh.edu (732) 666-7673 Overdose Prevention Coordinator
Brown, Katherine katie.brown@mimh.edu (314) 516-8406 Addiction Science Lab Manager
Schleicher, Hannah
Siddiqui, Saad T. Saad.Siddiqui@mimh.edu Evaluation Coordinator
Connors, Liz liz.connors@mimh.edu (314) 516-8435 Project Director
Gross, Maggie maggie.gross@mimh.edu (314) 516-8488 Clinical Lab Manager
La Manna, Anna Anna.LaManna@mimh.edu 314-516-8459 Project Manager
Ellison, Katie Katie.Ellison@mimh.edu 314-516-8454 Project Director
Lyell, Paige pelxvc@mail.umsl.edu (314) 516-8461 Research Assistant
Williams, Kimberly D. kimberly.williams@mimh.edu (314) 516-8418 Outreach & Retention Coordinator
Mayen, Sandra sandra.mayen@mimh.edu (314) 516-8414 Overdose Reporting Coordinator
Jackson, Lillie
Bradley, Morgan morgan.bradley@mimh.edu (314) 516-8487 Communication Coordinator
Thater, Paul M. paul.thater@mimh.edu (314) 516-8409 DB Programmer Aanalyst
Nelson, Chloe chloe.nelson@mimh.edu (314) 516-8451 Research Specialist
Bell-Christian, Amber Amber.Bell-Christian@mimh.edu 314-516-8440 Overdose Prevention Support Specialist
Ruiz, Aaron Aaron.Ruiz@mimh.edu (314) 516-8432 Treatment Services Support
Clark, Lillith ljchfx@mail.umsl.edu Intern
Coffey, Bridget Bridget.Coffey@mimh.edu (314) 516-8429
Challa, Saankari Anusha sachalla@umsl.edu (314) 516-6737 Intern
Carter, Kellin Kellin.Carter@mimh.edu (314) 516-8487 PR/Logistics Coordinator
Mackay-Green, Lauren Lauren.Green@mimh.edu (314) 516-8479 Harm Reduction Project Director
Tokac, Umit Umit.Tokac@mimh.edu Assistant Research Professor
Wood, Claire Claire.Wood@MIMH.edu (314) 516-8498 Assistant Research Professor
Duello, Alex Alex.Duello@mimh.edu (314) 516-8492 Community Research Specialist
Phillips, Sarah Sarah.Phillips@mimh.edu (314) 516-8482 Lead Evaluator
Werner, Kimberly Kim.Werner@mimh.edu (314) 516-8421 Assistant Research Professor
McDonald, Elizabeth elizabeth.mcdonald@mimh.edu 314-516-8425 Director of Advancement
ALGEE info@mhfamissouri.org Mental Health First Aid Mascot
Shah, Pari Pari.Shah@mimh.edu (314) 516-8414 Research Specialist
Winograd, Rachel rachel.winograd@mimh.edu 314-516-8415 Associate Professor, Research
Velez, Carmen 314-516-8448 Senior Data Imaging Specialist
Bolzenius, Jacob bolzeniusj@umsl.edu 314-516-8465 Lead Scientist
VonDras, Shannon Shannon.Elgin@mimh.edu 314-516-8480 Research Specialist
Tate, David David.Tate@mimh.edu 314-516-8409 Director of the Brain Imaging and Behavior Laboratory
Wamser-Nanney, Rachel WamserR@umsl.edu 314-516-8415
Peng, Chun-Zi pengc@umsl.edu 314-516-8498 Data Statistical Analyst
Williams, Cathy cathy.williams@mimh.edu 314-516-8450 Project Coordinator
Rhodes, Karen karen.rhodes@mimh.edu 314-516-8411 Program Coordinator
Vincenz, Felix felix.vincenz@dmh.mo.gov 314-877-5987 Associate Director
Savu, Anna anna.savu@mimh.edu 314- 516-8484 Project Director
Hicks, Shannon shannon.hicks@mimh.edu 314-516-8487 Community Volunteer
McCudden, Suzanne suzanne.mccudden@mimh.edu 314-516-8468 Program/Project Support Coordinator II
Matthews, Julie K. julie.matthews@mimh.edu 314-516-8443 Research Specialist
Little Sr., Raymond D. raymond.little@mimh.edu 314-516-8488 Community Volunteer
Hill, Michelle R. michelle.hill@mimh.edu 314-516-8407 Grants & Contracts Specialist
Hecht, Martin L. martin.hecht@mimh.edu 314-516-8402 Director of Administration
Woodruff, Jodi M. jodi.heaps@mimh.edu 314-516-8456 Research Assistant Professor
Gregory, Kelly B. kelly.gregory@mimh.edu 314-516-8422 Director, Professional Training
Finnegan, Megan C. megan.finnegan@mimh.edu 314-516-8424 Project Director
Donovan, Martha S. martha.donovan@mimh.edu 314-516-8427 Administrative Assistant
Christiansen Taube, Rachel rachel.christiansen@mimh.edu 314-516-8499 Mental Health First Aid Project Director
Callier, Jayne M. jayne.callier@mimh.edu 314-516-8447 Computer Programmer Analyst
Boyd-Lee, LaToshia latoshia.boyd-lee@mimh.edu 314-516-8481 Program Director
Bartoni, Karen bartonik@mimh.edu 314-516-8475 Grants & Contracts Specialist
Alba-Marshall, Candace candace.alba-marshall@mimh.edu 314-516-8431 Office Support Staff IV
Epstein, Joel joel.epstein@mimh.edu 314-516-8421
Harmon, Lawrence J. larry.harmon@mimh.edu 314-516-8442 Systems Administrator
Leung, Kit Sang leungk@umsl.edu 314-516-8429 Research Assistant Professor
Sprague, Debra J. deb.sprague@mimh.edu 573-446-4486 Project Director
Paul, Robert paulro@umsl.edu 314-516-8403 Director
Sale, Elizabeth W. liz.sale@mimh.edu 314-516-8471 Evaluation Director
Riedel, Edward G. ed.riedel@mimh.edu 314-516-8463 Project Director
Depue, Susan M. susan.depue@mimh.edu 314-516-8412 Research Assistant Professor
Ward, Claire claire.ward@mimh.edu 314-516-8420 Senior Research Specialist
Bailey-Burch, Brendolyn brendolyn.bailey-burch@mimh.edu 314-516-8458 Senior Research Associate
Kryah, Rachel rachel.kryah@mimh.edu 314-516-8483 Project Director
Adkins, Rita E. rita.adkins@mimh.edu 314-516-8454 Project Director
Noel, Jeffrey jeff.noel@mimh.edu 314-516-8455 Research Assistant Professor
Hile, Matthew matthew.hile@mimh.edu 314-516-8459 Director, Behavioral Informatics
Eldridge, Keith keith.eldridge@mimh.edu 314-516-8437 Computer Programmer Analyst