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Contact Information

Our main offices is located in the "Dome Building" at:

5400 Arsenal Street
St. Louis, MO 63139

314.516.8400 (office)
314.877.6405 (fax)

Map & Directions: Microsoft Live Local or Google Maps and Map of Institute/Hospital grounds

Faculty/Staff Directory

Adkins, Rita rita.adkins@mimh.edu 516-8454 R&E
Alberty, Jermine jermine.alberty@mimh.edu 516-8453 POPE
Bailey-Burch, Brendolyn brendolyn.bailey-burch@mimh.edu 516-8458 POPE
Bequette, Amanda Whitworth amanda.whitworth@mimh.edu 516-8472 R&E
Boyd-Lee, LaToshia latoshia.boyd-lee@mimh.edu 516-8481 POPE
Broadus, Valencia valenciabroadus@yahoo.com R&E
Brown, Kathy kathy.brown@dmh.mo.gov 573-522-3012 CBHI
Callier, Jayne jayne.callier@mimh.edu 516-8447 R&E
Campbell, Jean jean.campbell@mimh.edu 516-8457 R&E
Casey, Nancy 314-516-8401 Admin
Cho, Dong dong.cho@mimh.edu 516-8417 CBHI
Christiansen, Rachel rachel.christiansen@mimh.edu 516-8499 R&E
Cook, Jim jim.cook@dmh.mo.gov CBHI
Depue, Susan susan.depue@mimh.edu 516-8412 R&E
Donovan, Martha martha.donovan@mimh.edu 516-8427 Admin
Dugan, Mary mary.dugan@mimh.edu 516-8451 CBHI
Dutcher, Marcia marciadutcher@yahoo.com R&E
Eichhorn, Vicki vicki.eichhorn@mimh.edu 516-8401 Admin
Eldridge, Keith keith.eldridge@mimh.edu 516-8437 R&E
Epstein, Joel joel.epstein@mimh.edu 516-8421 POPE
Evans, Carol carol.evans@mimh.edu 516-8433 CBHI
Finnegan, Megan megan.finnegan@mimh.edu 516-8419 Admin
Fleisher, Cindy cynthia.fleisher@mimh.edu 516-8413 Admin
Goon, Benton benton.goon@dmh.mo.gov 573-526-4761 CBHI
Gordon, Sular sular@pathways2Promise.org 516-8489 Pathways
Grailer, Joe joe.grailer@mimh.edu 516-8467 Admin
Gregory, Kelly kelly.gregory@mimh.edu 516-8422 POPE
Harmon, Larry larry.harmon@mimh.edu 516-8442 Admin
Heaps, Jodi jodi.heaps@mimh.edu 516-8456 R&E
Hecht, Martin martin.hecht@mimh.edu 516-8402 Admin
Hendricks, Michelle michelle.hendricks@mimh.edu 516-8424 R&E
Hicks, Shannon shannon.hicks@mimh.edu 516-8487 POPE
Hile, Matthew matthew.hile@mimh.edu 516-8459 CBHI
Hill, Michelle michelle.hill@mimh.edu 516-8407 Admin
Indelicato, Joe joe.indelicato@mimh.edu 516-8425 Admin
Keehn, Barbara barbara.keehn@mimh.edu 516-8445 CBHI
Keenan, Morgan morgankeenan@gmail.com 516-8441 R&E
Kryah, Rachel rachel.kryah@mimh.edu 516-8483 R&E
Lerch, Martha mjmlerch@yahoo.com R&E
Leung, Kit Sang kit.leung@mimh.edu 516-8429 R&E
Little, Ray raymond.little@mimh.edu 516-8488 POPE
Matheis, Maya 516-8480 R&E
Matthews, Julie julie.matthews@mimh.edu 516-8443 R&E
McCudden, Suzanne suzanne.mccudden@mimh.edu 516-8468 R&E
McCullough, Glenda g.mccullough.ccfc@att.net 516-8462 CCFC
McCullough, Isaac icmccullough@swbell.net 516-8415 CCFC
Miller, Collin Collin.Miller@mimh.edu 516-8418 R&E
Milton, Amy amymilton@mail.umsl.edu 516-8478 Admin
Nelson (Lay), Mandy mandy.lay@mimh.edu 516-8498 R&E
Noel, Jeffrey jeff.noel@mimh.edu 516-8455 R&E
O’Neill, Debra debra.oneill@mimh.edu 516-8469 R&E
Pancella, Thomas thom.pancella@mimh.edu 516-8416 POPE
Parks, Joe joe.parks@mimh.edu 516-8464 Admin
Perkins, Scott scott.perkins@dmh.mo.gov 573-751-8155 POPE
Piechocinski, Jaime jaime.piechocinski@mimh.edu 516-8475 Admin
Power, Sean sean.power@mimh.edu 516-8403 Admin
Purnell, Andrea andrea.purnell@mimh.edu 516-8404 Admin
Rhodes, Karen karen.rhodes@mimh.edu 516-8411 POPE
Riedel, Ed ed.riedel@mimh.edu 516-8463 R&E
Sale, Liz liz.sale@mimh.edu 516-8471 R&E
Savu, Anna anna.savu@mimh.edu 516-8484 R&E
Seabourne, Marcia marcia.seabourne@dmh.mo.gov CBHI
Simkin, Jenny jenny.simkin@mimh.edu 417-540-8527 R&E
Sprague, Deb spraguedj@health.missouri.edu 573-446-4486 R&E
Topolski, Jim jim.topolski@mimh.edu 516-8432 CBHI
Vincenz, Felix felix.vincenz@dmh.mo.gov 877-5987 CBHI
Ward, Claire claire.ward@mimh.edu 516-8420 R&E
Watkins, Kate kate.watkins@mimh.edu 516-8446 POPE
Weil, Ginny ginny.weil@mimh.edu 516-8479 R&E
Williams, Cathy cathy.williams@mimh.edu 516-8450 R&E
Wohlfarth, Ted ted@enteam.com 314-814-2000 EnTeam
Our offices are here